Our Process


Measuring & Design

The measuring of any project is key to the success of the final product supplied. If you fill out the handy form to send us some information on the type of product you are interested in, this information will assist one of our team members in working with you to get the project started.

Supplying photos of the project area will assist our designers to produce drawings of your new room.

Photos of the future conservatory location are a great asset for the design team. As all conservatories are custom built the photos provided assist our design team in determining attachment details, door & window placements, just to name a couple of things.


Submitting to the engineers

After the initial design has been finalized our design team will forward all of the structure and connection details to a local engineering firm. The engineers will review the project for structural integrity and local building code requirements, make any necessary adjustments to meet local building codes and then apply their stamp to the drawings. 


Applying for a building permit

Once the engineering has been completed, the project will be submitted into the local building department for their final approval and issuing of your building permit.



After the building permit has been issued, the construction planning process will get underway. Scheduling will take place at the factory and site preparation work will begin. 



While the conservatory is in the manufacturing process, the substructure work will start. Once the substructure work is complete the conservatory components will be delivered to site for assembly.



Construction of the conservatory will proceed fairly quickly at this point as most rooms are pre-assembled at the factory prior to being dismantled and shipped to site for reassembly. Once the structure has been installed and sealed from the elements, interior finishing work may commence. Often at the same time as the interior finishing work is being preformed, any additional final touches to the exterior are being applied. Once the construction process has completed it is your time to enjoy your new conservatory.