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The classical English glasshouse was created by early pioneers returning with exotic plants from far away lands and needed somewhere to nurture their discoveries. Over the centuries the glasshouse has evolved into what is now known as the traditional Conservatory.

Today the Conservatory has become the way to add a unique type of space to your home: modern space that is light & airy, classical and elegant, a space that blurs the margin between home and garden.

Whatever your lifestyle, a conservatory fulfills and enhances a multitude of living options from entertaining to solitary bliss. Family room, dining room, home office or den, a conservatory can be all of these and more. There really is something for everyone.

Working together with you and understanding your dream, we can design and build a conservatory to compliment the architectural style of your home, all within budget and on time.

Our conservatories are constructed of high strength aluminum and vinyl meaning minimal to no maintenance is required. No rot, rust, fading or touch-ups!! To top it off our conservatory roofs are decoratively capped for a complete, polished look.


The Britannia Conservatory System

Conservatory Wall System
The wall system integrates latest technology vinyl windows, coupled with structural aluminum stiffeners. All structural aluminum is clad with vinyl snap fit caps to alleviate condensation, and give that 'warm to the touch' feel. The wall sits on a low profile sill/drip system specifically designed to suit our North American made window system. We recommend every other window in your conservatory to open. This allows generated heat to move above head height and circulate through or across the room.

Our Glass System
All wall glass incorporates Solarban 60 Low E double glazed units, filled with Argon gas. Low E glass has a special coating which means that heat is better retained. The Solarban 60 reflects the solar radiation build up, ensuring that summer days are comfortable in your conservatory.

Conservatory Roof System
The Conservatory roof system is a highly engineered structural aluminum system, incorporating thermally broken technology, to give the same thermal performance as the walls. The decorative glazing bars and trusses are spaced at a maximum width of 32" centers.

The roof glass used by Britannia is the highest technology available. Specifically designed for use in extreme climates as overhead glazing our roof glass can be summarized in the following way. Warmer in winter, cooler in summer, comfortable abundant light and fade protection are the key benefits to our roof glass. Azuria trademark sign is like no other residential glass product available today, from its beautiful aquamarine appearance to its unsurpassed solar performance. Azuria tinted glass provides Britannia Conservatories with a desirable low shading coefficient and high visible light transmittance, a unique combination unmatched by any other glass products. One of our advisors will provide you with more technical details during the design process.

Another glazing material used to compliment our conservatory system is Opal Heat guard, imported exclusively by our extrusion suppliers in Europe. A 'Heat Guard' option utilizes a specially developed pigment to significantly reduce heat build up through the roof. Heat Guard deflects a much higher proportion of infra-red radiation than other glazing options, reducing solar hear gain through the roof by up to 50% compared to other material. Heat guard opal also reduces solar heat gain by up to 50%, the silvery gray color is combined with an internal opal surface which creates a white finish and a soft light quality.

The Structural System
Structural aluminum used in our conservatory is of heavy duty 6063T5, 6069T5 extruded aluminum, professionally engineered to meet or exceed static loads and building code requirements.

All fasteners are stainless steel, providing a rust free fixing for your conservatory system.

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